Closing the App Gap: Rivi’s Talent Platform

on 08 | 10 | 2015

We’ve taken many steps our quest to make recruiting a full-stack business. We built Sutro, our in-house data aggregation platform; hired a team of developers and others dedicated to technology; and released a beta of Snap, our app designed to give companies full transparency into the hiring process. But we’re not done yet. Next on the horizon: an app designed to give talent more control in the job marketplace. This third app will complete the initial suite of apps comprising RiviApps.

In order to offer a true end-to-end experience, we need to serve all three spokes in the hiring wheel: the recruiters, companies and candidates. Our latest app will bring the RiviApps suite full circle, offering a way for engineering talent–both active and passive–to access a rich library of information designed to help them find and secure their ideal position, as well as assist them in managing their careers more broadly.

At its core, the new talent app will offer all the essential information around potential engineering opportunities in the marketplace. This includes information such as profiles and culture of the company, the problem that is being addressed, what the role entails, the investors in the company, and much more.

A significant benefit for the candidate with this new app will be increased transparency and greater control. For example, talent can see in real-time what’s going on with an opportunity, as well as what the perception is in marketplace from other candidates who are exploring the same or similar opportunities. With this new app, people won’t be reliant on the recruiter to match them; instead, they will interact with the recruiter and the technology to tailor matches. And as they interact with the system, it will learn about preferences and factor those desires into the matching process.

Over time, the app will provide experiences beyond the basic act of seeking a new role. Participants in the app will be able to engage with other people on the platform. These interactions could result in a variety of mentoring, networking and knowledge building opportunities within the engineering community. It’s a little bit of a Quora for talent, so they can ask the questions and receive answers from other experienced professionals, but it’s more heavily focused on career development and management. Our recruiters will have a role in this community as well, providing advice on topics such as resume building and how to conduct yourself in an interview. This network of experts will be carefully curated, so that those using the app know that they’re going to get quality information.

Additionally, our full suite of apps allows people to choose the level of engagement they want from the recruiter, and we will tailor the experience based on the desires of the participants. This could include direct interaction between the candidate and the company, with the recruiter acting more as a career advisor.

With the talent app, we’re building toward the future by creating a full recruiting platform. Once this is in place, the entire system becomes more collaborative, efficient and transparent.