Dice – Degree Pedigree Matters Less to Today’s Employers

on 09 | 04 | 2014

When we published our latest update of engineer salaries, the folks at Dice.com wanted to gain some additional findings. They connected with Riviera Technical Recruiter Aaron Ho to discuss the role that school pedigree plays in today’s job market.

(Dice.com) Degree Pedigree Matters Less to Today’s Employers

As they struggle to find experienced technology professionals, managers aren’t as focused on hiring from top-flight schools as they have been in the past. Just two years ago, we reported that employers were growing ever-more picky about hiring candidates with the “right” college degree. But while they’d still love to attract candidates from StanfordMIT or Carnegie Mellon, today’s low tech unemployment rate means many companies don’t have that luxury.

“If you say, ‘I only want a college graduate and I only want a college graduate from my school,’ you’re really making hiring difficult for yourself,” says John Reed, senior executive director for recruiterRobert Half Technology. On top of that, he says, more aspiring tech professionals are open to forgoing a college degree altogether and jumping into the job market where they can make money now.

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