Inc. – 5 Recruitment Tips For Early-Stage Startups

on 09 | 03 | 2014

When it comes to hiring the best engineers, competition is fierce. Here’s what you should do to attract their attention.

(Inc.) 5 Recruitment Tips For Early-Stage Startups

The right talent can mean the difference between a thriving startup and a floundering one. When it comes down to building a solid team, engineering hires are often at top of mind. But, there’s a huge amount of competition when it comes to recruiting top-notch engineers.

“A great compensation package will only get you so far with engineering talent,” says Sam Wholley, Partner at the recruiting firm Riviera Partners. “There are a number of other factors that will help you attract the best people to your team.”

Tighten up your hiring game with some of the following tips:

1. Create Buzz About the Company and Culture

The first step to attract the best talent for your team is to publicize what you’re doing.

Let it be known that you have cool technical challenges, especially if you’re not a tech company (or are perceived as a non-tech company). Create videos, write blogs and put on or present at events. Engage with the community.

When creating the job listing, articulate that you offer an environment where they can learn and grow. “Most people don’t care about foosball tables. Maybe food,” says Sam, “But at the end of the day, they want people who can make them better engineers.”

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