How to Empower People and Companies, No Matter What You Sell

on 03 | 29 | 2013

Attracting and retaining Top Talent

In today’s Information Age, the quest for companies to attract and retain top talent is far more difficult than ever before, and the problem rests solely on the company for the following 2 reasons:

The first reason that makes it difficult for companies is that there is an ever increasing amount of choices of where the employees can choose to spend most of their waking hours, not even mentioning the option of the employee working for themselves in the Information Age.

And the second reason is that most companies are doing nothing to better articulate or create their Own Unique Culture that would either attract or retain Top Talent.

So, as an employee, your 2 most important questions remain unanswered:

  1. What company should I choose to work for?
  2. What would it be like to work inside this company?

The Solution is pretty simple:

Attract and retain Top Talent by letting them know what it’s like to work inside your company by clearly articulating and creating and articulating your Own Unique Culture.

The place to Start:

Vision, Purpose and Values.  They are 3 out of the 5 structures with in any company or organization that create any great Culture.

Then employees and perspective employees can know, this is what they do, why they do it and what they value

Step 1

Create a Vision statement that let’s everyone know…this is what we do. If it is Grand enough, it will attract Top Talent that wants to help create the Vision. Don’t forget to make sure your Vision isn’t “transaction based”…it needs to be “experience based” in order for it to truly  attract employees.

Once they are on board, the employees just keep creating, reinventing and deliver the Vision or what you do. After all, it’s something they wanted to do, and it’s what attracted them in the first place.

Step 2

Everyone wants a Purpose in their lives, so create a compelling Purpose statement that serves a higher purpose, like a purpose that would “empower people”, “make the world a better place”, “decrease the carbon footprint”… something that will really attract those that share the same sense of purpose. Make sure that your Purpose compliments your Vision and is in alignment with it.

This will give the employees a reason to join your company as it is why you are doing what you are doing. And it they are attracted to it, it will help retain those who chose it.

Step 3

Create some meaningful Values. You can create 4 or 10, all up to you. Make sure the Values will help empower the employees and help them reach their full potential. If your Values are all company-centric – they will attract no one.

A good idea is to have all of your employees come up with your Values to begin with, after all they are the ones that will be living in the Culture with the Values that are created. This leads to much less resistance than telling your employees which Values they are going to be living by at your company.

Also the Values should also compliment, help drive and be in alignment with your Vision and Purpose.

Let them know what you do, why you do it and what you Value as a company and you will attract and retain Top Talent, allowing the employees and the company to reach its full potential.