How to Stay in the Game Even If You Aren’t Looking for a Job

on 10 | 22 | 2012

Throughout your career, it is important to continually evaluate and assess your current situation in regards to your long-term career goals. Whether or not you are actively looking for a new professional opportunity, it is important to manage your personal “brand” to ensure you always appear relevant as a top performer. Riviera’s Managing Partner Michael A. Morell penned his thoughts on the matter and shared a veteran recruiter’s insight to how all professionals can remain attractive on the market even if they aren’t currently seeking change.

(SmartBlogs) – Today’s job market offers immense opportunities for career and financial growth, notably in Silicon Valley, where the “war for talent” rages.

For high performers who already find themselves in a rewarding position, pursuing a new job may be low on their list, while others are itching for fresh challenges and greener pastures. Regardless, it behooves both happy and restless working professionals to stay in the game and remain open to career-change opportunities.

After 12 years, I’ve gleaned significant insight into what recruiters and hiring companies are seeking from job candidates. Below are some key points to keep in mind, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new job.

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