InformationWeek – Hadoop Jobs: 6 Recruiter Tips

on 03 | 04 | 2014

In a recent article published in InformationWeek, Team Lead Matt Andrieux shares his perspective on the recent buzz around the growing need to savvy engineers familiar with Hadoop. Matt lays out 6 specific tips to help those on the hunt stay connected with the latest opportunities and happenings within the Hadoop community.

(InformationWeek) Hadoop Jobs: 6 Recruiter Tips

Tech recruiter shares insights and advice for IT pros with Hadoop skills looking to land a new gig.

When you’re hot, you’re hot, and the open-source Apache Hadoop project has been scorching for a while. That’s good news for IT job hunters with serious Hadoop chops and related skills.

Demand for those skills has pointed skyward for the past several years, according to Matt Andrieux, lead technical recruiter at Riviera Partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Our portfolio companies, which are mostly startups, are looking for a wide range of engineers that can help them leverage data in various ways that will help their bottom line,” Andrieux said in an email interview. “Many companies are basing their entire business off of data collection and analysis, which can be useful for any industry.”

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