InformationWeek – Hadoop Jobs: 8 Resume Do’s And Don’ts

on 03 | 07 | 2014

In a followup article published in InformationWeek regarding jobs in tech leveraging Hadoop, Darin Matuzic shares a few best practices when assessing Hadoop talent. Darin provides some common turn-ons and turn-offs for recruiters and employers when looking at resumes for Hadoop gigs and other big data positions.

(InformationWeek) Hadoop Jobs: 8 Resume Do’s And Don’ts

Here’s what hiring managers look for when vetting resumes for Hadoop-related positions — and what prompts them to hit the delete button.

If writing your resume feels like an exercise in psychological warfare, well, there’s a reason for that. It often seems as if an awkward line here or the wrong word there might dash any hopes of landing the job you covet, especially when faced with fierce competition.

If it’s any consolation, recruiters and hiring managers experience their own version of that stress. Take Hadoop, for example, and the broader big data universe that surrounds it — the technology’s youth means that the ideal candidate is sometimes a moving target.

“Since Hadoop is a relatively new technology, and big data is a new industry, it can be difficult to properly evaluate a ‘Hadoop candidate,'” said Darin Matuzic, lead technical recruiter at Riviera Partners, in an email interview. On the hiring side of the equation, Matuzic said it comes down to asking a few fundamental questions: “Who are we looking for? Are we looking for someone to set up the system infrastructure with which to run Hadoop? Are we looking for a data scientist to run analytics with Hadoop on our existing infrastructure? Or are we looking for someone who can do both?”

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