Real-Time Visibility into Custom Metrics that Drive Recruiting Performance

on 07 | 12 | 2012

Riviera Partners has a deep fascination with data. We are continually accumulating massive amounts of data (recruiting, candidate, client, VC) on a daily basis and we are always attempting to find new ways to not only understand it, but leverage it. As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve also been investing in technologies that can better help us to track, measure and understand this data. Recently Riviera partnered with the developer team at MaxHire to help give new insights to our recruiting methodologies. Together, we have implemented new analytics tools which have helped streamline our recruiting processes – read more about it on MaxHire’s blog.

(MaxHire) – Metrics and measurement are a vital part of any staffing firm. And just as every firm is unique, so are the metrics they use to chart their progress.

That’s why we introduced MaxHire’s customizable Business Intelligence (BI) platform. It’s the only BI platform on the market that’s fully integrated with your staffing software and can be customized to pull the unique metrics used by our diverse clients.

Recently we built a custom dashboard for Riviera Partners, a market leader in providing comprehensive recruiting services to emerging growth technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York. As a recruiting firm heavily invested in data analytics, Rivera Partners had previously devised a proprietary reporting tool to assess client and internal metrics. However, this meant the firm was switching back and forth between two different systems; entering data in one, and generating reports through another. It was not an efficient use of time.

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