TalentCulture – Lasting Career Tips For Engineers

on 10 | 13 | 2015

Engineers are in hot demand these days, which generally means you’re in prime position to demand top dollar from any company that’s courting you. But when it comes to building a lasting career in the field, money shouldn’t be the only (or even the first) thing you consider. Check out this article on TalentCulture for lasting career tips for engineers courtesy Rivi Director Thor Bucy.

(TalentCulture) – Lasting Career Tips For Engineers

If you’re an engineer, you’re automatically in a prime negotiating position when it comes to commanding a good salary–it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. But while a big check in the near term might seem like the best idea, it may not be the best move for your overall career. The career tips below will make sure you’re doing what’s best for the long haul.

On Asking For And Negotiating A Pay Raise (Successfully!)

Often, people place too much emphasis on current salary. Money will come to those that enter a company and find the opportunity to significantly improve some aspect of that company.  Negotiating for $5k to $10k is nothing when you compare that to getting to the senior ranks within a company where you can start negotiating multiples of that number. With that said if you’re currently negotiating a pay raise, it’s important to hold your ground.  You cannot be afraid to say “no.”

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