TechBeacon – Why experience trumps mobile development certifications

on 10 | 06 | 2015

For mobile engineers who are still developing their careers, there is no shortage of certification courses available for just about any in-demand skill. But when it comes down to landing your next gig, nothing trumps actual experience at another company. One reason for that, as Rivi Director Thor Bucy puts it in this TechBeacon article, is that there’s such a strong demand for mobile developers that companies often don’t care about certification–they just want talented people who know what they’re doing.

(TechBeacon) – Why experience trumps mobile development certifications

If you’re looking to improve your job outlook in the mobile developer market, there’s no lack of certification programs claiming they can give you a leg up.

But according to hiring managers and recruitment specialists, rather than spending time and money getting “paper” proofs of your skills, you should prove your coding ability with real world experience.

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