The Culture King Joins Riviera Partners

on 07 | 08 | 2011

Posted by: Rivi Team

Riviera Partners is excited to announce that workplace culture authority, Dr. David “Doc” Vik, has joined our leadership team as Chief Strategy Officer!

Dr. Vik previously spent 5 years at as the “Coach” of the executive team and employee base. His primary role there was to help create and drive a spirited and collaborative culture for the company. Dr. Vik worked with individuals, teams and different departments to foster relationship building, develop effective communication methods and goal setting practices as part of his endeavors. In summary, he crushed it! During his stint, sales and morale reached unthinkable heights and the company gained national recognition for the role that a healthy culture can play in positively influencing a workforce. The culture Dr. Vik helped to instill gained notoriety among television shows (including 60 Minutes and Dateline), print articles and won awards. With his help, Zappos went on to debut at #23 on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” in 2009 and #15 in 2010. Nearly everyone today knows (if not, loves) Zappos and Dr. Vik is a big reason why.

And now he’s here!

Dr. Vik joins Riviera with aims of helping to enhance our service delivery model and daily operations through coaching and leadership advisory. His understanding and experience will provide Riviera with the necessary oversight to ensure that future processes are created and analyzed for scalability and functionality within the scope our long-term company goals. With a track record of previous successes, Dr. Vik will undoubtedly help propel Riviera Partners into the next phases of development.

“Riviera Partners is undergoing tremendous expansion and exploring new territories. Adding a seasoned leader like Doc will undoubtedly help our team maintain that growth, while positioning us for future success,” said Managing Partner Michael A. Morell. “In the short time he’s been with us, we’ve already seen significant employee growth – not just in terms of numbers, but also in spirit and attitude. Having him on our team will help ensure that our practice keeps a healthy balance of cultural progression while still meeting the needs of our clients.” Please join us in welcoming Dr. Vik to the Riviera Family!

Check out his websites and feel free to contact him – warm welcomes, questions and conversations are encouraged! | |!/drvik