Women 2.0 – 3 Tips to Attract Engineering Talent

on 10 | 03 | 2013

Finding engineering talent to help build your startup is a daunting task. With competition seemingly around every corner, it is important for growing startups to identify their scaling needs and act decisively when hiring. Considering that many engineers today are constantly being pitched new opportunities chock full of perks and substantial salary figures, it takes a sound hiring strategy to close the talent your company needs.  In a recent publication in Women 2.0, Michael Morell shares a few tips that cover the broad spectrum of talent acquisition.

(Women 2.0) – 3 Tips to Attract Engineering Talent

Almost all tech startups need some good engineering talent to get things rolling. These tips can help you hire that talent.

If you’re thinking of starting a company, no doubt one of the thoughts at the top of your mind is finding the right people to help you run it. And startups that fall under the tech umbrella are going to need some engineers. But attracting–and closing–top engineering talent can be a challenge. The folks at the recruiting firm Riviera suggest the following tips to overcome this challenge.

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