Entrepreneur – Modern Marketers Need to Speak ‘Engineer’

on 06 | 11 | 2014

Marketing is not the same old ballgame anymore. The fact is, technology has changed every aspect of the way we do business, from the way we build products to the way we support our customers. There are now new tools for not only getting messaging out, but also measuring if that messaging works and changing it in real-time. Modern marketers need to understand these tools on a deep level in order to be successful. In other words, modern marketers need to speak “engineer.” Read more from our own Kevin Buckby, whose article on the topic recently appeared on Entrepreneur.com

(Entrepreneur) Modern Marketers Need to Speak ‘Engineer’

Many successful companies today are software companies under the hood. This massive transformation is felt most profoundly in the changing nature of relationships between companies and their customers, and the marketing department is an integral cog in these relationships.

Industry by industry, the decimation of traditional business models by technology-driven competitors gathers momentum. Consider Netflix and Blockbuster, iTunes and Tower Records, or Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s why AOL paid $315 million for Huffington Post — essentially a publishing platform for citizen journalists — whereas Jeff Bezos paid $250 million for the venerable Washington Post and all its Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and foreign correspondents.

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