InformationWeek – 7 Habits Of Well-Rounded IT Pros

on 09 | 16 | 2013

Candidates should always be interested in how they can make themselves more attractive to employers – both current and future. With the ever-increasing demand for great talent, it’s important to avoid complacency and continually push yourself to reach the upper echelon of desirable talent. In an article published in InformationWeek, Michael Morell and Sam Wholley share a variety of tips to help improve your communications, people and business expertise.

(InformationWeek) – 7 Habits Of Well-Rounded IT Pros

Talented IT pros aren’t usually unemployed for long. If you’ve got in-demand skills, there’s a spot for you somewhere. But what if you want more than just a spot? You’ll have to get out from behind your desk and round out those IT chops with a wider set of skills.

“With technology as pervasive as it has become, it is no longer enough to be an ‘IT person,'” Sam Wholley, a principal with IT recruiter Riviera Partners, said via email. “Knowing the best firewall, the best integration platform, or the best solid-state storage is a requisite, but to be valued for [your] expertise, take time to be introspective about what you bring to the table.”

A good place to start: Learn to talk to people. You’ll be hard-pressed to move up the corporate ranks — or even to secure a position you’re already happy in — if you can’t communicate what you want and why you deserve it.

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