InformationWeek – How To Land Your First IT Job

on 09 | 18 | 2013

Hiring in the technology sector is booming – engineering salaries continue to rise and the demand for talent has never been higher. With so much buzz around these highly coveted jobs, there is a growing population of workers with limited tech experience who want to break into the tech industry. InformationWeek spoke with Riviera Technical Recruiters Aaron Ho and Joseph Yeh to get some advice on how candidates with non-technical backgrounds can position themselves to land their first job in tech.

(InformationWeek) – How To Land Your First IT Job

Job seekers looking to score their first professional IT gig face a timeless employment conundrum. You can’t get the job without experience, but you can’t get experience without the job.

“It’s hard to differentiate yourself when you don’t have prior experience in the tech industry,” said Aaron Ho, a technical recruiter with Riviera Partners, via email. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch that first career break. “Employers that are hiring fresh grads or career changers usually aren’t hiring for technical skills. What they are looking for is the ability to think critically and learn quickly. By showing your passion for learning about technology, you can really stand above the crowd.”

Ho and his colleague Joseph Yeh shared these ideas for better positioning yourself if your prior IT job experience is limited.

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