Riviera By The Numbers

on 09 | 12 | 2011

his post is about a few of the more interesting going-ons at Riviera Partners. Over the past few months, there has been a lot happening here (new faces, events, client and candidate activities, you name it) and we wanted to share a few numbers with you to give you a better sense of what we’ve been up to.


What it is: Our current headcount – the Riviera team is 42 people strong and this number is just a temporary measurement as we look to continue our explosive growth.

What it means: People have shown a growing interest in Riviera Partners’ services. Over the past few years, we’ve been witnessing increased demand for our services across the country. Candidates and clients alike appreciate our exhaustive search process, integrated networks and the dedication of our team to their respective searches. Of course, our interest lies in helping as many people as we can, so we have been adding talented people to our team across all lines of our organization to scale up to this demand.

For those of you interested, this number can be broken down into 3 main categories: 12 Retained Search team members, 18 Contingency Search members and 12 folks working in Operations.


What it is: The number of employees we had at this time last year; interesting enough, 24 was the highest employee count Riviera had ever had.

What it means: To date, we’ve nearly doubled in size and we aren’t intending to slow down anytime soon. Our company is continually evolving and we are excited about the changes that are taking place. We have big plans for 2012 and are very anxious to see what our numbers will look like at this time next year.


What it is: The total number of interviews our recruiters (Contingency and Retained) have produced for our clients since July.

What it means: We’ve been hard at work trying to get talented people in front of our clients. Even with talent wars waging, there are still a lot of skilled folks in the marketplace – it’s our goal to present these people with new opportunities that they might not have ever considered on their own. With 1,050 interviews scheduled in roughly two and a half months, we think we’ve been doing a pretty decent job thus far. On average, our team has been scheduling about 14 candidate interviews per day! Keep in mind that we have a healthy client list, so we aren’t just bombarding a few select clients with hundreds of interviews.


What it is: Total number of lives that Riviera has changed since July.

What it means: We’ve changed the lives of 89 engineers and executives by aligning them with exciting opportunities where they can learn new skills, work on projects matched to their interests while operating in an environment they enjoy. We’ve worked with each of these individuals throughout the entire hiring process in hopes of providing them with the best experience possible when heading into their new ventures.

Companies come to us with a specific vision of the type of person they need to achieve next-level growth and Riviera has consistently produced the results they’ve sought. Not only does this number speak to the dedication of our team, but it is also representative of the multitude of opportunities available in the marketplace. If you or anyone know has thought about a career change, it might be time to really jump in and explore.