The Accelerators – Winning the Talent War

on 09 | 05 | 2013

In this week’s The Accelerators blog column of the Wall Street Journal, guest mentors were sharing their thoughts about where to find the best talent – at home or abroad. Riviera Co-Founder Michael A. Morell took the conversation one step further and discusses what it takes to acquire that top talent – regardless of location. In his post, he discusses five key tips which will help growing companies position themselves to attract and retain top talent.

(WSJ – The Accelerators) – Michael A. Morell: Winning the Talent War

Make no mistake, the war for talent is real. With business booming, finding the right talent on the busy battlefield that is the hiring market can be a challenge whether you’re searching in the United States or further afield. So how can you aggressively and successfully retain the “best and brightest” in tech, no matter where you’re searching?

This is particularly tough for startup companies that typically have shallower pockets and less brand recognition than larger corporations. The key is to be both deliberate and creative to nab the most in-demand developers and engineering talent. It’s also important to take a step back and consider whether a potential hire is really the best fit; make sure this is the case by specifically defining what you’re looking for in advance.

Consider these five tips to attract top talent anywhere in the world:

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